What does the Church say about Guardian Angels?


This photo is the property of Nicole Felicity. Taken in Princeton, NJ. March 2016.

GUARDIAN ANGELS: You hear the term in many religious, as well as secular, settings. The idea of a lifelong, invisible protector is not contemporary. The concept is accepted throughout multiple communities and by various people of faith.

Since birth you might have been given small trinkets that depict some general celestial figure. I’m having a vision of a porcelain figurine – all white, and no face. It stands at perhaps five inches tall, and it’s most noticeable characteristic is a pair of elongated, feathered wings. With it comes a prayer card. The card is baby blue in color, much like a perfectly clear Spring sky, and laminated. The expression reads like a short poem and the font chosen is curly in design. The prayer sounds familiar, like you’ve heard it before in some far-away dream state.

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