“Fifteen hundred years ago, everyone know that Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everyone knew that the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.” – Agent Kay (Men in Black)

It’s been a hot minute since my last post. I’m extremely aware and very apologetic! I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked to have been this summer, and now that the August weeks are whining down I’ve been feeling a large mix of emotions; one of which is disappointment. I’ve been disappointed with myself and I often find that it’s hard for me to jump back up from that kind of self-low. Add on top of that some uncertainty about specific friendships, relationships, employment, academic classes, and a recent location move? Motivation has been hard to come by.

I’d first like to make give an update on Nan. If you caught my previous post where I talked a little about NDEs, you’ll remember my story about visiting my sick great-grandmother. However, the only news I have to report is that there has been radio silence about her condition. My evil grandmother has yet to contact anybody, save maybe the aunt and uncle I had mentioned in that last post, with a follow up. It’s all been a huge question mark and for some reason my dad hasn’t been following through on his own. In fact, he got a bit pissed when I came home to visit and asked him how she was doing. I confronted my mom and she believes that he is hurt by the lack of communication. His family isn’t reaching out to him during this difficult time and he feels neglected and/or forgotten. Unfortunately, my grandmother is the type of person who would keep even her passing a secret, so we’re left with no option but to attempt to investigate on our own. Again, I’ll keep the blog informed.
I will confide with you all though that I believe something negative has occurred; most likely within the past two-and-a-half weeks.

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