What does the Church say about Guardian Angels?


This photo is the property of Nicole Felicity. Taken in Princeton, NJ. March 2016.

GUARDIAN ANGELS: You hear the term in many religious, as well as secular, settings. The idea of a lifelong, invisible protector is not contemporary. The concept is accepted throughout multiple communities and by various people of faith.

Since birth you might have been given small trinkets that depict some general celestial figure. I’m having a vision of a porcelain figurine – all white, and no face. It stands at perhaps five inches tall, and it’s most noticeable characteristic is a pair of elongated, feathered wings. With it comes a prayer card. The card is baby blue in color, much like a perfectly clear Spring sky, and laminated. The expression reads like a short poem and the font chosen is curly in design. The prayer sounds familiar, like you’ve heard it before in some far-away dream state.

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OCTOBER in NYC: Morbid Anatomy Flea Market and Museum

I was able to create a quick vlog showcasing some of my Brooklyn adventures last Sunday. Though my destination was the Morbid Anatomy Flea Market, I wandered into some stores, took the scenic route along residential neighborhoods to do some decoration sight-seeing, and went into some art studio open houses. Definitely a much needed day for myself, and hopefully the start of a lil’ mini series of vlogs. Enjoy!

Mercury in Retrograde: a timeless explanation to, seemingly uncalled for, utter misery

This photo is the artist property of Nicole Felicity. Taken at Central Park, New York.

This photo is the artist property of Nicole Felicity. Taken at Central Park, New York.

  • A deep cough that won’t subdue
  • A groggy voice that won’t awaken
  • Untimely bloating and facial breakouts
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Weakened ability to communicate efficiently

They say that this is time, the change of the seasons, where the masses will find themselves sick and miserable.

In the northeastern section of the United States, the summers are warm, and August uncomfortably sticky. Though Autumn officially begins in late September, the majority of the month can prove to be just as unbearably humid, if not more-so. In Pennsylvania, we grew up fondly referring to this phenomenon as an “Indian Summer”. And though we wanted to find refuge in the air conditioned indoors, as children, we still chose to bake in the sun, knowing that the approaching kiss of Jack Frost would stubbornly linger in the air.

Separately, the symptoms I have listed above, would most likely be diagnosed as a head cold from the abrupt weather change. Maybe, in concern to the sudden irritability and emotional disinterest, seasonal depression.

I, just as recently as two weeks ago, found myself to be guilty of such self-diagnoses. However, when I noticed that my symptoms weren’t adding up, and my body wasn’t reacting to the typical medicines, I was lost to find another explanation. That was until, spirit guides and guardian angels willing, I stumbled across an Instagram post that made sense of my frustrating ailments: the procession of Mercury in Retrograde.  Continue reading