Race Against Time


This photo is the property of Nicole Felicity. Pennsylvania, January 2016.

It is difficult to avoid deadlines in adult life.

Whether we are driving recklessly to get to our dentists appointments, showering at record speed to not be tardy for class, hammering out an essay to be emailed by midnight, or fearing that we had procrastinated too long before responding to a text: we are slaves to the clock. And the older we get? The fewer scapegoats we can rely on to either: a) bust us out of a sticky situation b) throw under the bus. The reason that there are so many organizers available in your local convenience store, dripping with inspirational quotes and Monday motivators, is because we all revel at the illusion of staying on top of our game; that we are beyond “wasting time”. Those who conquer deadlines have successfully leveled up in their adulthood – the ultimate adult. However, it is not uncommon to fear failing. If you are anything like myself, than you may find yourself freezing as the clock winds down. That momentum that you had relied on receiving during the homestretch has wavered, and you are feeling less successful by the second. In this panic we have allowed ourselves to accomplish nothing.

It is human nature to be unnecessarily hard on ourselves. We are quicker to tear ourselves apart than to be forgiven of our mistakes. Like any great monument, one that can withstand the torment of time, we can not begin to build ourselves up on a broken foundation. Those inspirational quotes from an outside source are useless until we can find how they personally apply to our own unique situations. My goal is to stop racing this imaginary clock; to stop belittling myself for fearing a lost race. Forgive yourself for not meeting your self-constructed expectations. Forgive yourself for not yet living up to the self love others have discovered. Your “time” will come.

Gifting peace upon your soul this January night,
Nicole Felicity

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