HalloMonth Countdown: Murder Mystery at Mount Vernon Hotel

What’s this? Five days until HalloMonth! Time is flying faster than an old witch’s broomstick.

This photo is the artistic property of the Mount Vernon Hotel official Facebook page.

Decorations are being hung, candy is being bought, and costumes are starting to arrive. So much to do! So much to see! And unfortunately, plenty to mourn. My family suffered a great loss this past week. To no fault of anyone’s, my schedule was adjusted to satisfy the needs of my loved ones. We often find that priorities quickly change in time of great distress. Yet, in these times of loss, there is an unique opportunity to build a stronger bond with the spiritual realm. Instead of drowning in despair, confusion, and hatred, connection is how our hearts continue to remain full after they suffer a break.

So, in light of such events, I haven’t forgotten my promise of a very spook-tacular countdown to get us kicked off to the greatest time of the year.

If you haven’t caught my last post, this countdown is an exercise to awaken the festive spirit! Each new day will cover an October event that I had the privilege of attending last year. It’s a great way to:

  1. Brainstorm for all the fun that will begin in less than a week!
  2. Reminisce on the memories.
  3. Find joy on the days that aren’t so bright.
  4. Give some great ideas for all you Halloween Adventurers!

What are we looking back on today?

The Murder Mystery at the Mount Vernon Hotel, Museum, and Garden!

Yes, eleven months ago, to this exact day, myself and Lauren ventured out to the Upper East Side to partake in a “who-done-it?” game put on the by this historic establishment that “preserves and interprets travel, leisure, work and play in diverse antebellum New York”.

This photo is the artistic property of Nicole Felicity. Taken at the Mount Vernon Hotel, Museum & Garden on October 25th, 2014.

This photo is the artistic property of Nicole Felicity. Taken at the Mount Vernon Hotel, Museum & Garden on October 25th, 2014.

We bought tickets and a reservation time well ahead of time, as recommended. This event sells out! On the scheduled nights of the game, your party arrives to await on the porch with a larger group who is also shares your time slot. An actor greets the group, ushers you inside the front door, and tells you the fictional background story of the grounds you are standing on. A person, whose name and occupation are disclosed, had been murdered and the detectives are stumped.

Each party is then handed a piece of paper of all possible suspects, murder weapons, and locations. With your party you are then free to roam the building, by beautiful candlelight, to start gathering clues. Each room, elaborately decorated to reflect the era, is accompanied by an actor who has either a game for you to play or a riddle that has to be solved. Upon successfully completing the challenge of choice, the party is allowed to select a clue. The clue, on a color-coded sheet of paper to indicate the subject of discussion, will have additional background information on a suspect, possible weapon, or dispute that took place around the time of the crime.

When your party thinks they finally have the correct answers to “who”, “how”, and “why” (the motive is also very important!), they report their findings to the book keeper. They are told whether or not they have solved the questions accurately, but will not be given additional information if they are wrong. If that is the case , the party must be sent back out of the room to reconsider. However, if they are correct, their names and the time of winning is jotted down in the official book. The party to solve the quickest out of the entire group is awarded an additional prize, well other than the one of glory.

This photo is the artistic property of Nicole Felicity. Taken at the Mount Vernon Hotel, Museum & Garden on October 25th, 2014.

This photo is the artistic property of Nicole Felicity. Taken at the Mount Vernon Hotel, Museum & Garden on October 25th, 2014.

That’s that! A family friendly, completely unique, and festive way to celebrate HalloMonth. Just keep in mind, no photography is allowed in the Museum itself (why the visuals are unfortunately lacking for this post).

If you’re planning a visit to the city, or happen to live here and are just stumped wondering what different activity there is to try-out, look no further than Mount Vernon. And take a look into ticket sales as soon as possible! Further information is found on their respective website. Also plenty of dinner and happy hour opportunities can be found in just a short walk around 1st Ave. A whole night of whimsy is at your fingertips.

Until tomorrow m’dears….

~Stay Spooky~,

Nicole Felicity

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